Monday, October 27, 2008

Maturity Checklist

What is your physical maturity?
--Infant (birth to toddler)?
--Child (toddler to preteen)?
--Adolescent (preteen to early 20’s)?
--Adult (20’s and up)?

What is your spiritual maturity? (Remember years do not equal maturity here!)
--Are you new to the Christian faith and/or unfamiliar with the basic tenets of Scriptures? (Infant)
--Are you familiar with the basic stories and theology of the Bible, but still heavily dependent on others for interpretation and application? Are you beginning to serve in a local body of believers? (Childhood)
--Are you delving further into Scriptures, staring to discern and apply it for yourself? Are you strengthening your service and your understanding of your spiritual gifts? Are others starting to look to you for guidance? (Adolescence)
--Are you consistently digging into the meat of the Bible, able to interpret and discern, applying it practically to your daily life? Is your ministry and life bearing fruit? Are you serving in as a mentor and/or leader? (Adulthood)

If an infant…
--Are you restricting what you read and watch?
--Are you mainly consuming fiction with clear Christian content?
--Is a mature Christian guiding your steps and helping answer questions?

If a child…
--Are you filling your life with stories about heroic heroes whom you can imitate?
--Are you expanding your fiction to include some more complex issues and some secular material?
--Are you watching out for prejudice against certain types of stories?
--Is a mentor teaching you how to pick apart a story for yourself?

If an adolescent…
--Are you aware that you have limitations?
--Are you strengthening your discernment?
--Are you experimenting with genres and discovering your personal limitations?
--Does another mature Christian keep you accountable?

If an adult…
--Are you taking advantage of the freedom of your maturity, enjoying a wide variety of movies or books?
--Are you aware of your responsibility toward the weaker Christians watching you?
--Are you flexible, trying different genres beyond your normal tastes, throwing in an occasional children’s story, and continuing to learn?

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