Monday, September 29, 2008

Gems from the ACFW Conference 2008

[Note: My normal Monday series on faith and fiction will return next week.]

Every class or speech has those little things that will pop out at the participant/listener. Here are some of the gems I gathered from the ACFW conference:

(Please excuse any errors if I don’t quote the speakers exactly—I scribbled as fast and as accurately as I could at the time.)

Angela Hunt, opening keynote address:
My dreams are too small, but God’s are tailored made.

John Olson, Advanced Fiction Writing: Writing the BIG Story:
Story gives us a glimpse of the reality we can’t see because we’re so distracted by the fantasy of our lives.

If you write out of your uniqueness, your books will be unique.

Chip MacGregor, Creating a Publishing Brand:
A brand is what someone else thinks you are.

Branding isn’t for everyone.

Branding usually springs from an author’s personality organically.

Angela Hunt, closing keynote address:
You are and always be in the middle. (i.e. there will always be writers better and worse than you.)

Pleasure in praise is not pride.

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