Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why I Write

Seven years have passed since I seriously started my pursuit of writing. Not a lot time in the publishing world by any means. Nonetheless, as I work day in and day out, writing page after page, I sometimes wonder what’s the point. My credits are less than a dozen, and despite three correspondence courses and more than a half-dozen conferences, my goals sometimes seem no closer to fulfillment than when I started.

So what is the point?

The reasons many writers give—to teach, to entertain, to challenge or impact others—don’t work. For while that could be someday, it is not yet, and from a human perspective, by no means guaranteed it will ever be.

Why then do I write?

If it is for my benefit and entertainment alone, my life requires a major makeover. Finding a job that pays a wage would be a good place to start, followed by reallocation of my time.

So why should I write?

Only one reason is sufficient; all others fall short. I write because it pleases my Lord.

For is not pleasing my Lord simply glorifying Him in action? And glorifying Him is the purpose for which I was created. All other things—touching lives, finding satisfaction in my work, entertaining friends and strangers, etc.—these are only added gifts supplied by my Lord. My main purpose is to glorify Him.

And this is why I write.

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