Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Characteristics of Supernatural Gifting

One thing I especially appreciated about Ms. Bergren’s book was how she handled the supernatural gifting. While all the fantasy books I recommend conform to the biblical bounds of supernatural ability, The Begotten illustrates the clearest those basic biblical principles:

Satanic power destroys while God’s power brings life. Daria’s gift of healing obviously restores life to the dying and the crippled. This is in contrast to the Sorcerer’s destructive power, as the human sacrifice of Chapter 1 and 3 demonstrates.

God’s power is superior. This isn’t evidence until near the end of The Begotten. But when the Gifted meet up with the Sorcerer, guess who comes out on top?

People serving God can use their power only when and how he wants. Like the apostle Paul, Daria cannot heal everyone or even the ones she wants to help most. Her gift is dictated by the will of God.

While some aspects of supernatural gifting may be disputed (as I’ve seen on other blogs), the foundation of The Begotten is solid, making this well-written book only better.

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