Friday, March 7, 2008

Out of Town

This week, I'm out of town, visiting my sister's family before heading to the UTCH conference tomorrow. So in a way I'm on vacation and except for work like this blog--

Yeah. Can you believe it? She just ejected the escape pod, never saying a word to me or anyone else...

Oh, pardon my interruption. My name is Cora Remain. I don't know if Chawna has talked much about me, but we've been working together the last two years on my story, which we've tentatively called Mark of the Vine. Chawna has done a good job on it thus far and we're into tweaking it. Or so she tells me. I'm not the writer. In fact, I don't like writing at all, especially speeches--though these days I seem to be writing many of those. But that's another story.

As I was saying, Chawna didn't tell me that she was going to launch on me in this way. I had fully planned on having another chat with her this coming Galaday. But when I tried to get a hold of her, not only did I discover that she jumped ship, she ejected without my story! But she does deserve it, I suppose. She has been piloting through some pretty dangerous asteroid fields, not only for my story but also two others, from what I hear.

And that's why I really got on here. If Chawna needs a vacation so badly that she feels it necessary to abandon ship in order to escape the orbit of work, the least I can do is man the helm until she returns. After all, she's flown to my aid at the weakest distress call I have sent for nearly two years.

But don't worry. She'll be re-enter some time next week--if her messages are reliable. With a fiction writer that's always a bit hard to tell.

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