Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ten Conference Lessons

1. A two-bed hotel room will barely fit two dozen science-fiction and fantasy authors/fans.

2. Even if you don’t understand what the speaker is saying, take lots of notes and try applying the tips when you get home. Sometimes it will make more sense away from conference stress. Or not.

3. Never make your first shift at the bookstore during the pre-book signing rush.

4. Though pitching does get easier, sometimes your tongue will still get twisted.

5. The most memorable moments often come at the strangest and most unexpected times for the weirdest things (like rings with holes and the beauty of death-defying sports).

6. Guitar + a lawyer/author = very strange music

7. It takes 3-4 large conferences before a wallflower will recognize enough people to feel semi-comfortable and not completely invisible.

8. Your friends will screech louder than you when you have success, no matter how small.

9. Never eat the chocolate offered by the agent before giving your pitch.

10. Conferences are adventures—come prepared for the worst and the best.


Scriptorius Rex said...

I just went to a small conference this weekend. All your advice is spot on.

Sharon Hinck said...

Hee hee!
I stand by the beauty of death-defying sports (and hole-y rings)

It was a glorious conference, and I'm so glad you were there!