Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CSFF: The Sword Review

This month’s Christian science-fiction and fantasy tour features The Sword Review.

The Sword Review is a webzine (a magazine completely online) featuring science-fiction and fantasy of all types. Art work, long fiction, short short stories, essays, columns, poetry—here you can find a little bit of everything, like a fantastical sampler. And like a sampler, everything may not suit your taste—some of the pieces can get down-right bizarre—but it’s likely something will, if you like science-fiction and fantasy at all.

In addition, readership participation is highly encouraged with a forum attached to each piece. This is one of the major advantages of a webzine over print—communication can go two ways!

Want to know more? Hop over to The Sword Review and read some of their pieces. Or have a look at what some of the other participants are doing:

Jim Black, Valerie Comer, D. G. D. Davidson, Chris Deanne, April Erwin, Marcus Goodyear, Holly, and John Ottinger have reviews—good and bad—of various columns.

Gene Curtis looks at how one of the stories isn’t so far from reality.

Kameron M. Franklin has an interview with the editor, while Rachel Marks gives a contributor’s perspective.

Beth Goddard looks at one of the connecting forums, while Karen and Steve Trower browsed the archives.

Amy Browning has an overview of the writers and says she’ll be doing a couple reviews also in the coming days.

Hanna Sandvig looks at the graphic designs.

Rebecca LuElla Miller has a bit of everything from reviews to the advantages of a webzine.

Cheryl Russel and Brandon Barr overview the site as a whole.

Last but not least, Jackie Castle, Karri Compton, Frank Creed, Andrea Graham, Jill Hart, Katie Hart, Sherrie Hibbs, Heather R. Hunt, Becca Johnson, Jason Joyner, Kait, Dawn King, Tina Kulesa, Lost Genre Guild, Kevin Lucia, The Bookshelf Reviews 2.0 - The Compendium, Terri Main, Eve Nielsen, John W. Otte, Mirtika Schultz, Speculative Faith, Daniel I. Weaver, Russell Griffith, and Jason Waguespac are/will be posting their various takes on the e-zine as well.

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Becky said...

Nice overview of the site, Chawna. Glad you've joined the tour!